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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-five: Things are changing (part two)


(part two)

“I didn’t brush my hair,” Katy said. “I wanted to keep my Mommy braid.”

“Good plan,” Jacob said. “She’s going to get you ready for your nap. She’ll do your hair then. Remember we have a big party tonight.”

Katy nodded. “Lots of kids are coming to our house while their parents dance and stuff.”

“Yep,” Jacob said. “Mommy and I will take care of you most of the time.”

“Except when Uncle Mike or Uncle Steve are there. Paddie’s coming after nap.” Katy jumped up and down with glee. “Can I wear my pretty dress now?”

“Let’s save it for later,” Jacob said. “Mommy is excited to help you get ready. We don’t want to spoil it for her. Do we?”

Katy shook her head. She ran across the apartment to the big closet and opened the door. Jill and Katy’s few clothes filled only half of the left side of Jacob’s walk in closet. Katy picked her favorite ‘orangey gauzy’ dress and pink ‘flippy floppies’ for today. She was almost dressed when Delphie tapped on the door then stuck her head in. Trailing Jacob, Katy threw herself into Delphie’s arms. Jacob finished buttoning Katy’s dress while she hugged Delphie.

“Naomi said you’d come today.” Katy beamed.

Jacob and Delphie shared a look over Katy’s head.

“Who’s Naomi, honey?” Delphie asked.

“My Grandmommy!” Katy grabbed Delphie’s hand and pulled her into the apartment. “Are you going to help Daddy take care of me?”

“I wanted to ask you about Naomi,” Delphie said. “Would you like some cereal for breakfast?”

“I want the smiley guy,” Katy said. “But Daddy can’t have any cereal.”

“It’s a sad day,” Jacob said.

“Daddy is working to get well,” Delphie said. “He’s off the cereal for a while.”

“I’ll eat DOUBLE.”

Katy laughed at her own joke. She held her arms up and Delphie lifted her to her booster seat. Within moments, Katy was devouring her Captain Crunch. Delphie sedately ate a bowl of Kashi Go Lean. And poor Jacob sipped his protein berry smoothie with ‘this and that’ added to build his ‘blood and chi.’ Taking a bite, Delphie nodded to Jacob.

“Katy, I was wondering if you could tell us what happened last night?” Jacob asked.

“You mean going to Aunt Megan’s or eating spaghetti or playing light saber with my cousin Ryan or when I had the dream or when Daddy and Mommy came or…?”

“The dream,” Delphie said.

“Oh.” Katy blushed. She furrowed her brow then returned to eating her cereal.

“Katy?” Jacob asked.

“I’m deciding.”

“Deciding what?” Jacob asked.

“Well, I don’t talk about my dreams because people get upset,” Katy said.

“We won’t get upset, honey,” Delphie said. “We understand what it’s like.”

“You do?” Katy’s dark eyes blinked at Delphie. Delphie nodded. Katy looked at Jacob.

“I started having them when I was a little younger than you,” Jacob said. “How long have you had them?”

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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