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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-five: Things are changing (part seven)


(part seven)

Friday afternoon — 3:30 P.M.

Jill crept across Jacob’s apartment. After being sent off to rest, Sandy, Heather, Tanesha and Jill giggled and played with Katy. When Katy began to sag, the women settled in to nap. It was going to be a late night and a little sleep would go a long way. Right now, Katy and her friends were sound asleep. Feeling like Scarlet O’Hara at the ball, Jill couldn’t sleep.

She had to know.

She opened the closet door slowly.

The closet door squeaked!

But didn’t wake anyone.

She let out a breath.

Going to the back of the closet, she dug through Jacob’s old clothing. He told her he meant to get rid of it, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Clothing from when he lived in Maine. Clothing from four years ago.

Frustrated that she hadn’t found it, she flipped one of the last hangers to quickly.

The hanger scraped!

She leaned back to see if anyone woke up.

Everyone was still asleep.

She let out another breath.

Turning back, she saw what her hand was touching. She bit her lip to keep from fainting.

She had to know.

She touched the lipstick stain on the collar. Her thumb ran over the makeup on the lapel. Leaning forward, she took a deep breath and smelled… lavender.

Oh. My. God.

Blue wool and… buttons?

Taking her button out of her pocket, she looked at the left sleeve of the jacket. It was missing one button.

Her button.

Clutching the jacket, she dropped to her knees.

“Jill!” Jacob whispered. He rushed forward to kneel beside her. “Are you all right? Honey, what happened?”

“You had a tattoo.”

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