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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-five: Things are changing (part four)


(part four)

Friday morning — 11 A.M.

Sam stepped back from the window to admire his work. He’d forgotten how much he enjoyed carpentry. With Aden and Blane at the helm of Lipson Construction, he was able to spend the afternoon installing windows. Hearing a sound, he turned to see Jacob come up behind him.

“The master returns,” Jacob said.

“We’ll see. I have three more to go,” Sam said.

“Looks like you’re doing a great job,” Jacob said. He moved to the second window. “Oh, thanks for fixing the rotten piece on this frame.”

Nodding, Sam picked up the next window.

“I heard to oddest thing,” Jacob said.

“Uh huh.” Sam slid a window into place. “These are nice. Double paned, low e. I didn’t know this was even possible.”

“It’s relatively new. Most people can’t do it because…”

“They jack up the frames taking them out,” Sam finished Jacob’s sentence.

“Exactly.” Jacob gave Sam a can of spray insulation to fill the gaps around the window.

“This insulation is great too,” Sam said. “Why didn’t you replace the windows at home?”

“I love the wavy lead windows at the Castle. They’re especially beautiful in your room,” Jacob said. “It’s a heat loss, but we’ve done a great job filling the gaps, double insulating and using Delphie’s insulated shades. New windows would only give us a minor difference.”

Sam nodded then moved to the next window.

“I hear I picked up a new business partner.”

Jacob used his left hand to help Sam lift the largest, heaviest window. Sam installed the window rather than respond to Jacob.

“What do you think about that?” Sam asked.

“It’s about time,” Jacob said. “Do you want part of the business? You could…”

“Nah,” Sam said. “I worked for your mother for most of my life. I’ve worked for you for the rest. I’d rather work for you. If that’s Ok.”

“Sure,” Jacob said. “Compensation?”

Sam laughed.

“Son, let’s sell one company first,” Sam said.

“Let’s get through a Valerie party first.” Jacob countered.

Sam laughed. Turning, he hugged Jacob. Jacob groaned in pain.

“I never tell you enough,” Sam said. “I’m so grateful that you’re my son.”

“Love you, Dad,” Jacob said.

“Did you ever figure out how Katy is your child?”

“God, not you too,” Jacob said.

“You never met your mother’s father, Delbert. Katy looks just like him. Especially when she laughs.”

“Yeah, okay, Dad. We’ll get you a grandchild as soon as possible.”

“Eh, I already have one,” Sam said. “You should do the DNA.”

“Okay, whatever. Katy is my daughter no matter who her biological father happens to be,” Jacob said. “You can finish this?”

“Uh huh. You heard that Jill’s going to help with color. Did you know she was your color gal?”

“No,” Jacob said.

“The universe offers many chances at love,” Sam said.

“I think you’ve spent waaaaay to much time with Delphie.”

Sam laughed.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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