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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-eight: Into the garden (part three)


(part three)

“I didn’t know you were here,” she said. “Do you like my new dress?”

Taking a cue from Delphie, Jill smiled coyly while she twirled back and forth. The dress’s movement allowed her to press the panic button in the hidden pocket. Alex’s team would be alerted that she was in trouble.

“You look amazing.” Trevor’s eyebrows shot up.

As she had for so many years, Jill faked a seductive smile. He scooped her up and began devouring her lips.

“Good girl.” She heard the Alex in her head encourage her on.

“The kitchen’s clear and MJ has the kids,” a woman’s voice said from the landing below. “Come on. You can have her later.”

Trevor stepped back from Jill. Jill smiled in such a way as to make him believe she was excited to be had by him. His face flushed with longing. She gave another coy smile.

“Come on!” His bride growled. “Bring the bitch.”

Trevor grabbed Jill’s elbow. He forced her back down the stairwell. Just as Trevor pushed her into the kitchen in front of him,Honey ran in from the house.

“OH MY GOD! JILL! NO! NO!” Honey screamed. Turning quickly, she moved to toward the door to the party. “HELP! HELP!”

And her sister was on her.

Jill and Trevor stood in shocked silence as the sisters fought. Trevor’s bride was bigger but Honey was stronger. The step-whore’s fierce cruelty was no match for Honey Lipson.

“GO NOW!” The enraged woman screamed at her husband.

“KNIFE!” Jill screamed when she saw the flash of a knife in the woman’s hand. She heard Honey scream and what could only be the sound of a sharp knife penetrating delicate flesh.

“Go.” Trevor pushed her forward. Made wild by his wife’s actions, Trevor spoke in rapid tones. “That bitch betrayed us all along. She told the cops everything we planned. Every step of the way. She deserves what she gets. She KNEW better than to get involved. We WARNED her. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.”

He yanked Jill through the kitchen. Jill was too horrified to say anything. They were almost to the back porch when MJ met up with them. He was carrying Katy and Paddie. The toddlers seemed sound asleep against him.

“You have to take them,” MJ said.

“You’re backing out NOW?” Trevor asked.

“Your crazy wife just killed her sister. There’s blood everywhere and she’s off cleaning up. I’m not getting involved in any murder. No way. No way,” MJ said. He thrust the toddlers into Trevor’s hands. “You want to do this? Do it yourself.”

MJ stalked off toward the upstairs apartments leaving Trevor holding the children. Out of instinct, Jill reached for her baby, her Katy, but Trevor thrust Paddie into her arms. With Katy in one arm, and holding Jill with the other hand, they started across the back porch.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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