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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-eight: Into the garden (part six)


(part six)

Paddie stirred in her arms but didn’t open his eyes. Jill sighed. It was all she could do to keep that woman from taking the precious boy. Who knows what she would do to this baby boy? Thank God they were pressed for time. Jill refused to allow herself to wonder about what was going to happen next.

Instead she focused on the warm bundle in her arms and keeping her footing in these stupid stilettos. Trevor led the way with Jill following. His wife pushed her forward from behind. She chuckled cruelly whenever Jill’s heels caught on the flagstone path.

Passing through the gardens, Jill looked longingly at the ripening fruit on the trees and the tall corn. Delphie had promised to let her help in the garden. But Jill had been too busy for gardening. She took a deep breath of the garden fragrance – moist dirt, flowering potatoes, ripening fruit. She wished she had taken more time.

Across the garden, she saw a couple making love. The man’s back was to Jill and his face was buried in his conquest’s neck. His conquest’s hands gripped the man’s moving behind. They were pressed against the privacy fence near the bees.

Jill sighed. She couldn’t imagine anything more wonderful than making love among the intoxicating garden smells and warm night air. She about to say something to the couple when Trevor’s wife stuck her knife against her back.

“I’d kill you now, but I already got a good price for you in Bangkok,” the woman said in a soft terse voice. “If I lose money on you, I’ll take it out on your child. I can make top dollar on a three year old virgin.”

Horrified, Jill snuggled Paddie closer. The Alex Hargreaves in her mind said, ‘Watch for your opportunity, Jill. You’ll know it when you see it. You’ll know what to do.’

“Thanks for wearing the rocks. I’m going to look great in them,” Trevor’s wife said.

Jill kept her eyes on the couple to silently implore them to notice what was happening. The couple was too caught up in their own fervor. Hopelessness, rising from her very core, threatened to send her into the black oblivion.

Paddie shifted in her arms.

Not today.

The strength she had only recently found within herself pushed away the helpless dark. Jill gritted her teeth. She was ready. She would do everything in her power to protect her child and this boy. Even if it took her very last breath.

Her opportunity would come.

And she would act.

Trevor and his wife had taken down a panel in the back privacy fence. A dark SUV sat running in the alley. They were almost there.

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