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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-eight: Into the garden (part seven)


(part seven)

They had just reached Mike’s artist studio when, out of no where, a man dressed in black swung down from the balcony to lift Katy from Trevor’s arms. In a heart beat, the man was up on the balcony with Katy in his arms.

Jill’s head jerked to her right as a man slid past her on a wire. He held his arms out and she placed Paddie in them. Whoosh! Paddie and the man were also on the balcony of the artist’s studio.

Jill smiled when Katy and Paddie waved from the balcony. She was pretty sure Paddie wasn’t asleep against her. They must have been pretending like Alex told them to.

Trevor grabbed Jill by one arm and his wife grabbed her by the other. Jill felt the knife nick her flesh and blood begin to seep into her beautiful new dress. Feeling movement behind them, Trevor jerked them around.

Mike and Jacob came running from the house. Seeing Jill trapped between Trevor and his wife, they slid to a stop.

At that moment, Jill felt more than saw the step-whore kicked in the face. Her head followed the foot that kick her attacker to see Alex Hargreaves. Before she could say anything, the woman attacked Alex. With practiced ease, Alex removed the knife then flipped the women over her hip. The step-whore landed flat on her back at the feet of Arthur Rasmussen. Art lifted the tiny woman to her feet and cuffed her hands behind her back.

“Go ahead, Jill,” Alex said. Alex’s husband, John Drayson, the man from the love making couple, came up to give Alex her heels.

Jill lifted her foot and smashed her stiletto heel into the top of Trevor’s athletic shoe. He jerked giving her the space to smack him in the nose with her elbow. His nose broke with a satisfying crunch. Stepping away, she kneed him in the groin for good measure.

“Easy girl,” Jacob said.

Breathing hard, Jill jerked toward Jacob’s voice then threw herself into his arms.

“You belong to ME!”

Trevor grabbed her from behind and threw her on the ground. Trevor swung his foot to kick Jill. Mike stepped in-between Trevor and Jill. Jacob smashed Trevor’s standing leg from behind and crushed his knee. Trevor fell forward to the ground.

“Thanks Jake. We’ve got this,” Alex said. She nodded and a man lifted Trevor and cuffed his hands behind his back. Trevor glared at Jill with a mixture of hatred and longing.

Jacob reached down to help Jill up. Her dress was torn, there was dirt in her hair and a bruise forming on her jaw. But her smile shined brighter than the moon.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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