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Celia's Puppies, Chapter Thirty-eight: Into the garden (part eight)


(part eight)

As Alex’s team began to assemble, Art Rasmussen started reading Trevor and his wife their Miranda rights. A tiny girl ran out from the house. Not even five feet, she was dressed in the latest tween fashion. Jill thought she was a child of one of the guests.

“Sir, Sergeant Scully has stabilized Ms. Lipson,” the girl said. “The MedEvac will be here in two minutes. We’ll need to get a stretcher in.”

With a nod of Alex’s head, a soldier went to move the idling SUV.

“Thank you Sergeant Peaches,” Alex said. “Please return to your station.”

The girl saluted Alex then ran back to the house.

“Marine,” Mike said into Jill’s ear. “Hard to believe, eh?”

Jill nodded.

The two men who rescued Katy and Paddie brought them down to Jill and Colin. With Katy on her hip, and Jacob’s arm around her, Jill was beaming. Katy began the blow by blow of everything that happened to her AND Paddie AND Scooter AND Sarah.

Colin saluted Alex. She dismissed him to bring Paddie to his anxious mother, Julie. They heard a helicopter land in a nearby parking lot. Two MedEvac paramedics came running through the privacy fence with a stretcher.

“You guys have anything you want to say before we let Denver Police take over,” Alex said.

Everyone stepped back as the paramedics, MJ and Sergeant Peaches ran by with Honey Lipson. Sam and Delphie ran behind the stretcher.

“You should die, bitch,” the step-whore screamed. Lunging at the stretcher, she spit toward her sister. The soldier holding her arms yanked her back to standing. “I’ll kill you when I get the chance. Die, bitch, die.”

“Enough,” Alex said. “Take her away.”

The soldier pushed the tiny woman out into the alley where the Denver Police Cruisers were pulling up.

“This will never be over.” Speaking in an eerily quiet voice, Trevor’s eyes never left Jill. “You will ALWAYS belong to…”

At that moment, a red blossom appeared on Trevor’s forehead. His face went blank. Blood oozed over his right eyes. He slumped forward. The soldiers and police officers dropped to the ground.

Shrieking, Jill collapsed into the garden.

The retelling of Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2, continues tomorrow…

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