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A note from Claudia Hall Christian

Dear Reader,

Thank you.

Thank you for reading and caring and supporting Denver Cereal. This project is a labor of love — for me, for patrons, for my family, and everyone who works at Cook Street Publishing.

As you likely know, I had my third spine surgery in early March. The last day I was in the hospital, someone moved in next door that had COVID-19. I was whisked out of the hospital just ahead of Colorado’s surge of COVID-19 cases.

I’ve been at home ever since.

Originally, I had planned to be off from March through June — four months to heal. We played Denver Cereal Volume 1 here in this space.

While I am a great deal better, I am still not well.

This third spine surgery set me back quite a bit. The surgery itself was a success. They were able to remove the pressure from the nerve root. However, the nerve itself was inflamed. This means that the tremendous pain I was in prior to the surgery was not relieved by the surgery.

The only solution to relieving my pain now is giving the nerve root enough time to heal. In the last four months, it has healed some, but not completely. I am still in terrible, mind distracting pain.

When the surgeon came to visit me in the hospital, she said it would take 3 months for the nerve to heal. When I saw her at my 2 week post-surgical visit, she said it would be 6 months. At my 3 month post-surgical visit, she said that it would be at the very least a year. When I asked her about this progression, she told me that she hadn’t wanted to discourage me in the hospital or at my three month visit. It was always going to take at least a year.

As for me? I find myself unable to pick back up the daily and weekly challenge that is the Denver Cereal.

What does this mean?

For at least the next month, we are going to play Celia’s Puppies, Denver Cereal Volume 2 here in this space. I will let you know in a month’s time what will happen after that.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a short story project called Love in the time of COVID-19 to raise money for Feeding America. So far, we have raised $331.48 for Feeding America. That’s over 3,000 meals for hungry families.

So far, the stories have been about the Fey Team. The stories are pay what you can so that they are available to everyone. You can find them here:

The Doctor and the Soldier (about John and Alex)

The Captain and the Petty Officer (about Josie and Leena)

The Dragon and the Pilot (about Bestat and Zack)

Thank you for your support and kindness. Trust that I am doing my level best to get back in the writing saddle. It just takes time.

Please enjoy the second volume of Denver Cereal, Celia’s Puppies

Take care. Be safe.


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