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Denver Cereal is a serial fiction set in uptown Denver, Colorado. Denver Cereal is light, fun and entertaining. As the story develops, fictional characters interact with real places and real people. Sweet and crunchy, Denver Cereal is addicting!

In the style of true serial fiction, Denver Cereal is published as it is written. Each week brings a new chapter of Denver Cereal. Posted Monday through Saturday here, at Denver Cereal, or in its entirety at Stories by Claudia.

Denver Cereal has been published in thirteen volumes: Denver Cereal (Chapter 1-26), Celia’s Puppies (Chapter 27-55), Cascade (Chapter 56-89), Cimarron (Chapter 90-123), Black Forest (Chapter 124-156), Fairplay (Chapter 157-187), Gold Hill (Chapter 188-221), Silt (Chapter 222-248), Larkspur (Chapter 249-277), Firestone (Chapter 278-303), Fort Lupton (Chapter 304-330), Fort Morgan (Chapter 331-360), and Fort Collins (Chapter 361-388). There are two complications: Grand Junction, Denver Cereal V1-10 (Chapter 1-303) and Fort Garland V11-13 (Chapter 304-388).

Ebooks and paperbacks are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple iBookstore, or your local bookstore and library.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Quick Facts:

  1. Denver Cereal is published 6 days a week — Monday through Saturday, one-chapter a week, since June 2008. Denver Cereal is one of the longest running serial fictions ever published.

  2. The stories are fiction set in the very real city of Denver, Colorado. The story is filled with real locations and businesses. However, the Castle and all of the main characters are fiction.

  3. Claudia Hall Christian and/or Cook Street Publishing has never received payment, sponsorship, or advertising in the form of money, cupcakes, or anything else to place a store or character into the Denver Cereal. (Still true June, 2017)

  4. The books are available in eBook and paperback. There are thirteen volumes of the Denver Cereal : The Denver Cereal, Celia’s Puppies, Cascade, Cimarron, Black Forest, Fairplay, Gold Hill, Silt, Larkspur, Firestone, Fort Lupton, Fort Morgan, and Fort Collins. Grand Junction is compilation of the first 10 books while Fort Garland is a compilation of Volume 11-13. The compilations are only available in eBook form. More books are expected in 2017.

  5. The blog is available in daily email subscription, weekly chapter email subscription, and on the website.

Alphabetized list of Denver Cereal characters

Aaron Alvin: Father of Ava; also called “The spider.”

Aden Norsen: CEO at Lipson construction; single father of Nash and Noelle; husband of Sandy.

Alexandra Hargreaves, Lieutenant Colonel:
Identical twin to Max Hargreaves; ‘The Fey;’ the leader of the Fey Team; wife of Dr. John Drayson; sister to Colin and Samantha Hargreaves.

Megan, Mike, Steve, Candy and Jill’s mother; grandmother to Katy; wife of Perses.

Andrea Menendez or Andy Mendy:
Mother of Sandy; Seth’s love & lover from the time he was 14 until he lost her when he was 30.

Arthur “Raz” Rasmussen:
Member of the Fey team; boyfriend of Samantha Hargreaves.

Ava – Amelie Vivian Alvin:
Denver Police Crime Lab Technician; fiancé of Seth O’Malley; daughter of Aaron Alvin.

Beth Baker: Ava’s best friend; Child Psychologist; murdered by Saint Jude.

Blane Lipson:
Jacob’s ‘cousin;’ raised in foster care; either the child of Sam Lipson’s father or brother; assistant to Jacob Marlowe at Lipson Construction; husband of Heather; father of Mack.

Bob aka ‘Blood spatter Bob’:
Former expert forensics instructor with the FBI; currently a laboratory technician in Ava’s Denver Police Department lab.

Bree or Briana Lipson:
Step-child of Sam Lipson.

Becky Lipson: Step-child of Sam Lipson.

Bumpy Wilson:
Good friend of Seth’s; medical doctor; father of Jeraine Wilson, husband of Dionne, born Leroy Wilson.

Candace or Candy Roper: Daughter of Anjelika; sister to Jill.

Charlie Delgado:
Step-brother of Sandy; street kid; drug addict; has been out of school for a long time; comes to live with Sandy in Cimarron.

Celia Marlowe: Wife of Sam Lipson; mother to Valerie Lipson and Jacob Marlowe; Delphie’s best friend; died of cancer nine years before Denver Cereal begins.

Cleo: Black and white cat belonging to Sandy.

Colin Hargreaves: Brother of Alex, Max and Samantha Hargreaves; Homeland Security Agent; Fey Team member; father of Paddie Hargreaves.

Dale: Boyfriend of Beth Baker, Amelie’s best friend; housemate of Amelie; Handyman who lives with Seth O’Malley.

Delphinium or Delphie: Psychic; beekeeper; master gardener; best friend of Celia Marlowe; girlfriend to Sam Lipson.

Dionne Wilson: Wife of Bumpy Wilson; mother of Jeraine and LaTonya; medical nurse.

Evette: Secretary of Jacob’s for one week; claims romantic relationship between them.

Fran: A laboratory technician in Ava’s Denver Police Department lab.

Heather Lipson: Jill’s childhood friend; one of Jillian Roper’s group of best friends; mother to Mack; wife to Blane Lipson.

Honey Lipson: Paralyzed; step-daughter of Sam Lipson; wife of Sergeant MJ Scully; Lives at the Castle and works at Lipson Construction.

Jacob Marlowe: Son of Sam Lipson and Celia Marlowe; husband of Jillian Roper; brother of Valerie Lipson; president of Lipson Construction; owns his own rehabilitation business; carpenter; hockey player.

Jeraine Wilson: R&B sensation; husband of Tanesha Smith; son of Bumpy; drug and sex addict.

Jillian or Jill Roper: Daughter of Anjelika and Perses; mother of Katy Roper; wife of Jacob Marlowe; ex-wife of Trevor Mc Guinsey; pregnant with twin boys.

John Drayson, MD: Vascular surgeons; husband of Alex Hargreaves.

Julie Hargreaves: Mother of Paddie Hargreaves; wife of Colin Hargreaves.

Katy or Katherine Anjelika Roper: Daughter of Jillian Roper and Jacob Marlowe.

Leslie: A laboratory technician in Ava’s Denver Police Department lab.

Leslie Roper: Wife of Steve Roper; mother of infant Elisa Roper.

Levi Johansen: Won Delphie in a card game when she was 5-6; held her as a slave/The Oracle Tabor; gets out of prison and wants Delphie dead; evil.

Mack Lipson: Infant son of Heather and Blane Lipson.

Margaret Peaches or Sergeant Margaret Peaches: Fey team member; partner of Sergeant MJ Scully.

Maresol Tafoya: Seth O’Malley’s housekeeper; mother of Bonita’s Seth’s second wife; friend of Delphie.

Max Hargreaves: Identical twin to Alex Hargreaves; brother to Colin and Samantha Hargreaves.

Megan Roper: Daughter of Anjelika and Perses; partner of Tim; mother to Ryan and two other boys.

Melinda: Daughter of one of Sandy’s clients; Nash Norsen’s romantic interest.

Mike Roper: Son of Anjelika and Perses; husband of Valerie Lipson; hockey goalie; painter.

Mitch Delgado: Sandy’s step father who she called ‘Dad’; father of Charlie and Sissy; Seth O’Malley’s best friend; died of lung cancer 8 or 9 years ago.

MJ or Sergeant Michael Scully Jr.: Fey team member; partner of Sergeant Margaret Peaches; husband of Honey Lipson.

Molly: Bookkeeper for Jacob Marlowe’s rehabilitation business; wife of Pete.

Nash Norsen: Son of Aden and Nuala Norsen; brother of Noelle Norsen.

Nelson: A lab technician in Ava’s Denver Police Department lab.

Noelle Norsen: Daughter of Aden and Nuala Norsen; sister of Nash Norsen; artist.

Nuala Norsen: Ex-wife of Aden Norsen; biological mother of Nash and Noelle Norsen.

Paddie Hargreaves: Best friend of Katy Roper; nephew of Alex and Max Hargreaves; son of Colin Hargreaves.

Patty Delgado: Mother of Sissy and Charlie; mother to Sandy; wife of Mitch Delgado.

Pete: Husband of Molly; father of her children; friend of Aden Norsen; addict and alcoholic, recovering.

Perses: Paid assassin; rescuer and biological father of Jillian Roper.

Rodney Smith: Father of Tanesha; imprisoned for more than 20 years for a crime he didn’t commit; husband of Yvonne Smith; site manager at Lipson Construction.

Ryan: Oldest son of Megan Roper and Tim.

Sam Lipson: Husband to Celia Marlowe; married to Tiffanie Lipson; boyfriend of Delphie; father to Valerie and Jacob Marlowe-Lipson; step-father to Brianna, Becky, Honey and the ‘step-whore.’

Samantha Hargreaves: Sister to Alex, Max and Colin Hargreaves; girlfriend of Art Rasmussen; best friend of Valerie Lipson; criminal defense attorney.

Sandy Delgado Norsen: Best friend of Jillian Roper; one of Jill’s group of best friends; wife of Aden Norsen; hairdresser.

Sarah: Yellow Labrador belonging to Jacob Marlowe.

Scooter: Gift from Celia and Delphie to Jillian on her marriage to Trevor McGuinsey; taken care of for last 4 years by Delphie after Trevor put him up for adoption; Katy’s constant companion.

Seth O’Malley: Godfather and biological father of Sandy; best friend of Sandy’s step father; Denver Police Detective; gifted composer and protégé pianist.

Step-sister or Step-whore: Eldest daughter of Tiffanie Lipson; sister to Honey, Briana, and Becky Lipson; step-daughter of Sam Lipson; second wife of Trevor Mc Guinsey.

Steve or Stephen Roper: Son of Anjelika; middle child of Roper family; medical nurse to Honey Lipson; husband of Leslie.

Sissy Delgado: Step-sister of Sandy; anorexic; talented ballet dancer; lives with Sandy and Aden.

Tanesha Smith: One of Jillian Roper’s best friends; wife of Jeraine Wilson; medical student.

Teddy Jakkman: Son of Fey Team member Captain Zack ‘the Jakker’ Jakkman; best friend of Nash Norsen; dates Noelle Norsen.

Tiffanie Lipson: Second wife to Sam Lipson; mother of Briana, Becky, and Honey Lipson and the step-whore.

Tink: Street kid; friend of Charlie Delgado’s; attacked and beaten by gang of rapists, Heather and Blane Lipson’s adopted daughter.

Tim: Partner to Megan Roper; father of Ryan and two other children.

Trevor Mc Guinsey: Ex-husband of Jillian Roper; assumed father of Katy Roper; fiancé to the step-whore.

Valerie Lipson: Daughter of Sam and Celia Marlowe; wife to Mike Roper; soap opera and movie actress.

Wade/Ward/Wanda: Transgender-girl; Sissy and Tink’s best friend; Sissy met in eating-disorder rehab.

Wes or Wesley Kapanski: Hollywood producer; Was engaged to Valerie Lipson at the beginning of Denver Cereal.

Yvonne Smith: Mother of Tanesha Smith; forced into prostitution after her husband was imprisoned.

Zack ‘The Jakker’ Jakkman: Father of Teddy Jakkman; ‘The pilot’ to Sissy & Charlie; Sandy’s childhood pen pal; friend of Sandy’s.

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